How do I become a part of the Summer Staff at camp?
We are always looking for caring Christian volunteers to work during the summer at EBC. If you are interested in applying:
            1. Fill out the Worker Application
            2. Print and mail it to Joy Martin or email it to Melody Martin or Luke Smith.
            3. Pray about your decision, as it is sure to be a life-changing one (for you and for our campers), and for the other workers you will be serving alongside.

When can I volunteer to work at camp?
We have a variety of volunteer positions to be filled each summer depending on your time availability (bible class teachers, counselors, kitchen staff, etc). If any of these interest you please fill out the Worker Application and mail it to Joy Martin or email it to Melody Martin. We also have people serve year-round through maintenance and general upkeep of our campgrounds and buildings. If you would like to help, donate, or just find out more information please let us know by email or phone (606-546-2975). Thank you for your interest and we look forward to serving with you.

How do I register to come to camp?
You can pre-register for camp right now by clicking here. You can also click here to print your registration form and mail it in (to pre-register)or bring it with you to Registration (2:00 pm, Monday of your preferred week of camp).

Why should I pre-register for camp?
We strongly recommend pre-registering for camp so that your camper will get into their preferred week of camp. Once maximum capacity has been reached for a given week of camp, campers who were not pre-registered will not have a guaranteed spot at camp.

How long am I staying?
6 days and 5 nights. Registration begins Monday at 2pm and our Awards Ceremony (parents welcome) begins Saturday at 11:00 am. Dismissal is at noon. 

How can I support Emmanuel Bible Camp?
Check out the "Support" section of this website to learn how. For additional information email us or call 606-546-2975. 

How much does it cost to come to camp?
The fee for one week of camp is $30. Campers may also bring money to buy snacks from our camp "store," most bring $10. 

Store? What's that?
The camp "store" is used by campers and workers to purchase snacks and drinks. The store is open twice a day for campers to purchase their snacks. Campers typically bring $10 for store. The money is collected during Registration on the first day of camp and any unused store money is given back to the camper at the end of their week. The campers do not need any cash with them during their stay at EBC.

Do I need to bring any snacks?
No. We have three hearty, delicious meals a day and a "store" where camper's can buy snacks. We do not allow food to be kept in the cabins as it attracts pests, thus campers will not be able to bring or keep any extra snacks with them.

What is the age range to come to camp?

We have two different types of camp:

  • Regular camp is for kids entering 4th grade up to entering 8th grade.

What time do I need to be there on Monday?
Registration begins at 2:00 pm.

What time am I going to be leaving on Saturday?
Our Awards Ceremony (parents are welcome) begins Saturday at 11:00 am, dismissal is at noon.

What do I need to bring to camp?
  1. Bedding for a single bed:
    1. pillow
    2. sheets and covers, or sleeping bag)
  2. Enough clothing to last a week:
    1. Long shorts
    2. jacket
    3. flip-flops
    4. swimsuit (ONE-PIECE bathing suit for girls)
    5. at least one pair of pants
    6. tennis shoes
    7. one Sunday outfit for Banquet Night
  3. Personal items:
    1. soap
    2. towel
    3. washcloth
    4. toothbrush
    5. shampoo
    6. comb
  4. Bible (King James Version preferable as that is what verses will be learned from)
  5. pencil
  6. paper
  7. Registration forms. (which you can download and print off from this site, but dont worry if you can't get one we have some available at registration)
  8. A sack lunch for Monday, the first meal is served at 6:00 PM

What NOT to bring to camp?
  • tobacco of any kind
  • lighters
  • flashlights
  • radios
  • cell phones
  • pagers
  • water guns
  • no short shorts
  • tank tops
  • shirts with spaghetti straps
  • bikini's or other girl swimsuits that show the mid-section
  • iPhones, iPads, mp3s, and any other electronic devices

What is the "Sponsor Program" and how can I contribute?
The Sponsor Program matches donors of $30 or more (the fee for one week of camp) with a child whose family is unable to afford the price of registration. At Emmanuel Bible Camp it warms our hearts to say that we never turn a child away. We rely on our generous community of donors who make this a reality. For more information about this wonderful, life-changing opportunity please email or call us (606-546-2975) today.  Thank you so much for your support!

What if I cannot afford to send my child to camp?
Scholarships to cover the cost of camp are available, based on need. Please contact Joy Martin (606-546-2975) for more information.

What is TNP?
Tuesday Night Praise is a time of Worship and Fellowship for teens (and older) every Tuesday night from 6pm to 8pm during the school year. 

What is the EBC Ministry team?
The EBC Ministry Team is a group, consisting primarily of EBC workers, that travels to area churches and venues sharing the love of God in creative ways, such as: interpretive movement, drama, juggling, and music. For more details or scheduling information call (606-546-4975) or email Melody Martin. 

What is the Emmanuel Bible Fellowship and what do they do?
The Fellowship is the group of people that owns and operates Emmanuel Bible Camp.

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